Get ready to improve  your management practice for SUCCESS !

Workshop dan Consulting untuk transformasi Manager-Leader di Perusahaan / Lembaga / Kementerian Anda:

  • Integrated and Practical Talent Management
  • 7 Step Corporate Performance Management Transformation
  • Workshop Strategy Execution
  • Corporate Strategic Analysis
  • Corporate Strategy Formulation
  • Reinventing Mission and Vision
  • Redefine Corporate Values
  • Define Your Company Strategy Map and Corporate Scorecard
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Define HR Balanced Scorecard
  • RKAP Berbasis Balanced Scorecard
  • Define Key Performance Indicator for All Positions in Company
  • Strategic Planning for Managers
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Soft/Managerial Competence Profiling
  • Hard/Technical Competence Profiling
  • Online Competency Assesment (OCA)
  • Practical Problem Solving for Managers
  • Managing Gen-Y
  • Management of In-House Training
  • Competency-Based Human Resources Management (CBHRM)
  • Supervisory Management Program
  • Human Resources for Non HR Manager
  • Leadership Training
  • Dynamic Presentation Skills
  • Writing and Update SOP
  • Managing Technical Training
  • Identifying Your Company Core Competence
  • Trainers Development Program
  • Training Need Analysis, Design and Evaluation
  • Behavioral  Based Interview
  • Integrated Fundamental-Behavioral Assessment, etc

Untuk permintaan pelatihan, workshop, atau konsultansi manajemen di perusahaan Anda
hubungi (021) 79192523, 087880607039
Email :

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